Life Cycles & Style - Level 2 Teacher Training in Serbia

Life cycles with Gurmukh and Gurushabad -
Kundalini yoga TT Level 2, 30th of October - 4th of November 2018, Serbia

It’s not about any one kriya, one thought or one belief,” he explains. “It’s about taking that flame that was awakened in our heart and spirit and passing it on so that this whole planet gains an aura of light as we transition into the new age. It’s about each one of us being so enriched by that experience of stillness, kindness and compassion that anyone who encounters us senses that same authenticity, depth and kindness. This is the culture of consciousness, beyond all religions, beyond all countries.”

—Yogi Bhajan

Come and experience the next step in Transformation! This course will deepen your understanding of life’s cycles and your relationship to your own habits. LifeCycles " LifeStyles explores the soul’s purpose throughout each stage of life and the habits and patterns that support that purpose. Elevate yourself toward your excellence, clear old patterns, connect with your soul and gain the tools to live in your grace and identity through all of life’s cycles. Explore your habits and develop the ability to act with integrity, consciousness, intuition, and compassion.

What if every day of your life was filled with purpose and power? What if you lived in balance with the cycles of life so at each stage you could excel? What would happen if you mastered habits of body and mind that let you incarnate as your highest self with each breath? Revel in your purpose, the unique gift of your life and the opportunities at each stage to be original, pure and innocent in your infinity. Please join us on this journey of change and let all the brilliance, gentleness and precision of relating be at your command.

Living this way begins with a clear understanding of we who are as human beings, our self-concept, our individual identity and purpose. When we understand this, then we can powerfully engage each stage of our life and make the best lifestyle choices to support our growth and to keep us healthy. This course is about you and your relationship to your destiny cycle. It is about practical disciplines and attitudes that let you steer a course toward an extraordinary life.

In this training we will explore the following areas:

Renewing Your Hidden Self-Concept: Healing the Formative Years
Adolescence and the Cultivation of Promoting Habits
Prime Adulthood: Productivity, Prosperity, and Sharing
Maturity and Midlife Crises: Transmitting Values and Legacy
Elder Years: Character, Integrity and Merger
The objectives of the course will allow us to explore all of the following:

We will begin with our life purpose: Have we defined it for ourselves? Or is it defined externally by Fate or Destiny.
What are the habits and cycles we are aware of in our life today? Can we identify patterns in the other cycles of our life? Adolescence? Childhood? The wisdom stage of the elder?
We will learn how to confront our death, our fears of death and learn to live weightlessly.
We will map out the stages and cycles of our life.
We will look at the habits and lifestyle practices that help us at each stage of life.
We will get a sense of the entire cycle of destiny and meditate on all the cycles we progress through.

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